Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Finally...a blog post from me!

Long time no talk to!!

Sorry for the quiet blog. I was waiting for blogger to fix some issues in regards to selecting my pictures from my files, but they have still not fixed the issue. 

I finally read somewhere that they suggested we use Google Chrome and what do you know, blogger works from Chrome.

All techy stuff aside, I have been working on projects for my craft room. I am almost done and will share soon. I changed my color scheme to aqua, red, and white and have been redecorating and making some fun crafts.

  I also need to finish my December Daily album. At least before the end of January, right?

For my blog, I updated my family picture. We took some new family pictures back in November so I decided you guys might like to see a new picture.

I also created a Twitter and Instagram  and Google+ account.  The new icon buttons have been added to the blog. 



I am still trying to figure out Google+, but still come join me there too.

I hope you will come follow me on these sites.

Leave me your twitter and instagram name so I can follow you too.

I make updates on these sites often, so please follow me so you can see snapshots of what I am working on throughout the day/week.

See y'all later!!

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