Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Quick Decor Change - Personalizing Our Space

I made a quick decor change to our living room and wanted to share it with you today.

Do you ever get tired of looking at the same decorations and pictures in your home?

I have had these two gold cross pictures hanging in our living room for 7 years.  It was time for a change.

They were too gold since we switched all of our fixtures to bronze. Also, I wanted to personalize our space.

I have been wanting to add more family pictures to our home decor since we have started having professional pictures taken every November. 

I thought I would add a family picture to our mantel. However, I discovered that I can't get a picture frame to sit on the mantel because it is not deep enough. I can only fit a 5x7 frame on the mantel and that just wasn't big enough to have an impact to our space.

So the idea popped into my head to buy some new frames and hang a couple of family pictures by the mantel that I could change out each year. Hence the cross picture frames had to go.

I found two beautiful bronze 11x14 frames with mats at Homegoods for $12.99 each. Since they were matted, they hold an 8x10 size picture. 

I printed out two family photos from Mpix and here is the result. 

(Mpix is an online photo processing store that our photographer highly recommended. They are great!)

I love it!!  

If you are feeling like you need a change to your space, maybe consider this idea. 

It was a quick, easy, and an inexpensive home decor change. 

I love how our pictures personalize our space.  

Thank you for looking!

See you on the next post.


  1. Love the family photos. It's a real cute way to make a decor change.


  2. Shelly, I love the end result. I can totally relate to changing things up. :)


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