Thursday, November 14, 2013

Crate Paper Maggie Holmes Flea Market Mini Album - State Fair of Texas

Today I want to share with you a mini album that I made for our trip to the State Fair of Texas.

This post is photo heavy!

Here is the YouTube video showing you everything in detail. 

Here are the supplies that I pulled for this project. 

The mini album and supplies are from the Crate Paper Maggie Holmes flea market collection. 

I also used stamps from Studio L2E, Ali Edwards, and inks from Stampin Up. 
I also used various print and cuts from my Silhouette Cameo. 

I printed all of my pictures via Photility and put four pictures on one 4x6 photo sheet. 

I saved our ticket stubs, coupons, and the souvenir book from our day at the fair. 

I used a lot of the elements in my album. 

Page 1/Cover - I used an instagrammed picture of Big Tex and Emily for my cover page. 

Back of  page 1. 

Page 2 - Picture of downtown Dallas. 

Back of page 2 - more ticket stubs and pictures of the entrance to the fair and Cotton Bowl. 

Page 3 - pictures of Big Tex and an article from the souvenir book. 

Back of page 3 - Pictures of some of the sights at the fair - sky way, midway, and the rides. 

Page 4 - The beautiful ferris wheel at the fair. 

Back of page 4 - a picture of the Top o' Tower. We didn't ride this because it was 20 coupons each ($10.00/each), but it was still neat to capture. 

Page 5 - Used another page from the souvenir book and a shadow shot and picture of Emily taking in the sights and sounds for the midway section of the fair. 

Back of page 5- Some family shots of Andy, Emily, and my in-laws. 

Page 6 - an attempt to capture a family photo with Big Tex behind us. 
It's still fun to use pictures that don't always turn out how you want them to. Memories!

Back of page 6 - Some pictures of us taking a break wherever we could, including a Mattress Firm mattress!
Emily said it was super comfortable!

Page 7 - The Food! I took two 4x6 cards from the Flea Market project life kit and sewed them together to make a pocket. 

This page captures our long, long wait in line for a Fletcher's Corny dog. 

Back of page 7 - Emily and her funnel cake. She was looking forward to this all day. 

Here are the inserts. I used two 3x4 flea market project life cards. 
More fun food shots. 

Page 8 - The Walking Taco - we bought this at the end of our day with the leftover coupons and we loved it! We have never heard of this and now make it at home. It is a bag of Dorito chips cut open and filled with taco meat and fixings. Yummy!

Back of page 8  - this section covers the rides at the midway. 

Emily rode four rides and loved everyone of them. 

Page 9 - this is a 4x6 flea market project life card. I just punched holes and added to the album. 

This covers the swings. 

Back of page 9 - the other two rides that Emily rode. Fun!

Page 10 - The Auto Show
This is Andy's favorite part of the fair. It is now Emily's fav too!
You get to set in all of the new 2014 vehicles from most of the car mfg's. 

Back of page 10- more auto show pics. 
Emily sat in this red fiat and looked so cute. 

Page 11 - Chevy Ride & Drive
Chevrolet had an obstacle course set up at the fair and you could drive a new vehicle through it. 
This was made for my husband!!
Emily and I sat in the back seat while Andy drove a new 2014 Chevy pickup. 
Nice ride!!!

Back of page 11 - this is an envelope so I added some goodies to the inside for Emily. 

I had one last picture left of the salt water taffy that we bought at the fair and I saved a taffy wrapper too. 

I used a 3x4 flea market project life card to write Emily a note about our day. 

We had a fun day at the fair and I had so much fun capturing these memories in this mini album for Emily. 

Thank you for looking!


  1. Thanks for sharing your album, Shelly! The fun you had with your family really shines through! As always, your work is an inspiration!

  2. Hello. Great job. I did not expect this this week. This is a great story. Thanks!
    jeux de ninja


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