Saturday, February 8, 2014

Project Life Layout Share - July - September 2013

I am back to share more project life layouts. 

In this post we will cover July through September 2013.

Here is the YouTube video showing you everything in detail.

If you want to know about all the products used on these layouts, please watch the video. I share a lot of them at the beginning. 

We started off July with Emily's first trip to the emergency room. She had a little rollerblading accident but was fine.

By July 4th, she was fine to go swimming with friends and have a family get together. 

This layout was a fun week of summer pics including shoe shopping, library, school supplies, playing the Wii, relaxing, jumping, and dog bathing!

In this spread I shared some new vintage goodies that I found. I took some cute pics of Emily painting my toenails while the pugs supervised. Emily got a new ceiling fan and we got new landscape rocks. 

I caught a pic of a sleepover and the aftermath in Emily's room and a fun picture of Emily jumping off of the diving board. 

On this layout I covered some back to school shopping and having fun on the boat with friends. 

On the next set of pages, I covered a road trip that we took to The Woodlands, TX to meet up with a friend and her family. 

We stayed at The Woodlands Resort and it was so much fun!

I used a Design H page protector to complete the layouts for this trip. 

This layout covered Emily's first trip to the dermatologist. We also visited a new Taco place that heart shaped chips and Bahama Bucks. Emily loved it that she got a little umbrella in her snow cone!

I also captured our last trip to the pool before school started back and a trip to a classic car show. 

This layout covered a trip to the dentist for Emily and some fun shopping with my Mother-In-Law before Emily started school. I also captured my scrappy space. 

This layout covered the first day of 6th grade for Emily.  

In this layout, for September,  I took a fun picture of Emily's new flute. I captured a baby shower for my cousin, lunch notes from Emily, a family photo, my crepe myrtle, and Emily practicing her flute. 

This layout captured the front of our house decorated for fall, Emily practicing for band, a fun trip to the park, Mac and Emily, and my fall decorations. 

I am almost done sharing my 2013 album!

See you on the next post. 

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