Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back to School Smoothies

Since this week was back to school for Emily, we were discussing breakfast, lunch, and snack ideas. 
Emily decided that she wanted to pre-make some smoothies to have on hand for school.

I found these Ball Freezer cups at my local Wal-Mart and they work perfectly for pre-making smoothies and freezing them for later. (not a paid advertisement...speaking from personal experience only)
I have been making smoothies for a while, so my ingredients vary based on what I have on hand. 
Here is what we used for these smoothies.

I filmed a video of us making these smoothies. It was fun and I hope you will watch. 

Here is the breakdown of my smoothies.  I like to use around 1 cup of skim milk for the liquid.  You can use any kind of frozen fruit that you have on hand.  For this video, we used Mixed Berries, Organic Mango, and Pineapple Chunks.  I used vanilla protein powder, chia seeds, truvia, and ice.  My "secret" ingredient that I love to use in my smoothies is flavored extracts. They add so much flavor to a smoothie without adding in calories.  We used strawberry extract in the mixed berry smoothie and coconut extract in the Pineapple Mango smoothie. 

Here are the smoothies.  

These are so good and I am so glad that Emily enjoys drinking these. 

These are in the freezer and ready to go when Emily decides that she wants to drink one. 
These are also great to put in your lunch kit and let it help keep your lunch cold but also thaw at the same time. 
Thanks for looking. 
See you on the next post. 
Hugs, Shelly
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Monday, August 25, 2014

New Blog Design and a Trader Joe's Haul

Hi there blog readers!  

I am so sorry that my blog has been neglected, but Emily went back to school today (7th grade!) so I decided to dust off the blog and share a post. 

Over the summer, I decided to give my blog a new look.  I decided to go with Designer Blogs and I chose the Maisie Taylor Pre-Made blogger template.  I worked with Anna and she helped load the new design. She was wonderful to work with and helped me with all of my technical questions. 

I hope you enjoy this new design!

I have added my Instagram and Pinterest feeds to the right hand side.  I hope you will enjoy seeing these updates or you can click on it to follow me directly. 

Over the weekend, I finally got to go shopping at a Trader Joe's.  

I kept seeing hauls on YouTube about how great the products and prices are at Trader Joe's. 

I filmed a haul video and included it on my new 2nd YouTube channel where I hope to be sharing home hauls, decor, DIY, vlogging, etc.  I hope you will come subscribe.

Of course, being the scrapbooker that I am, I had to take some pictures to document my visit!

We went to the Trader Joe's location on South Hulen street in Fort Worth, Texas. 

I loved the produce section.  

I cut up our cantaloupe today and it is sweet and juicy. 

I loved the floral section.  You see this as soon as you walk in the door. So colorful!

The prices on their flowers were great so I grabbed some bright pink gladiolus. 

Here they are on my kitchen counter. 

Here is my cart pusher and helper. She found a few things that she wanted to try in her school lunches. 

I love it that Andy and Emily wanted to come to TJ's too and enjoyed the shopping experience as much as I did. 

Andy went roaming around while Emily and I shopped.  He found the beer below and texted me this picture while I was shopping.  Since we have two pugs, we found this hilarious....ugly pug black lager. 

It doesn't take much to crack us up around here. 

Of course, I couldn't come to TJ"s and not take a selfie!

My haul!!

I have already tried the cantaloupe, corn tortillas, toffee popcorn and it is all good. 

Emily took the black forest ham in her lunch today and she loved it too. We also made some smoothies with the frozen organic mango and Emily said it is delicious. 

I filmed Emily making her school smoothies and will share that on here and YouTube soon. 

I am off to try the cookie butter and I am sure it will be wonderful too!

Thanks for looking. See you all on the next post. 

Hugs, Shelly

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