Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin and Process Video

I have been so inspired by all of the mason jar lid pumpkins that have been floating around on Pinterest and blogs. 

I knew that I needed to try and make one for my fall home decor. 

Here is my version. 

I almost gave up on this project too!

 I am so happy that I didn't. 

I made a process video showing you how I put this together. 

Here are the supplies that I used. 

Decoupage or Hot Glue
Mason Jar Lids with Bands (you will use the bands for this project)
Spray paint in your choice of color or leave plain
Jute or other strong string
Cinnamon Sticks
Scrapbook Paper
Toilet Paper band (not shown, optional)
Raffia or other decorations for the top

Be sure you buy the Lids with Bands.  You can use the wide mouth or regular mouth. 

I used two boxes of wide mouth bands.  You won't need the lids. 

I found these at Wal-Mart. 

I took the bands to my garage and spray painted with the pearl mist spray paint.  

It was not enough color. It just musted the bands so I used some dark brown Rust-Oleum spray paint that I had on hand (not shown). I did a light spray to make the bands look distressed. 

I cut my paper into 1/2" by around 7" strips.  I used scraps of paper so they were not long enough to cover the whole band.  It doesn't matter because you won't see the bottom. 

I used hot glue to glue on the strips of paper to the bands. 

Be careful. The glue makes the bands hot. 

You then take your jute or string and run it through the bands, pulling the bands all together. 

Once you get the bands together, you tie a knot and arrange accordingly. 

This is where I almost gave up, hence no picture.  I couldn't get my lids to arrange and stay upright. 

I ended up cutting a toilet paper tube in half and hot gluing the half in the middle of the pumpkin.

I hot glued some cinnamon sticks together and then hot glued them in the middle of the toilet paper tube. 

I then hot glued some raffia around the cinnamon sticks to cover the top of the toilet paper tube. 

I am displaying my pumpkin on my dining room table. 

I bought a wood pedestal stand from World Market.

I layered together an orange ball wreath and grapevine wreath and set the pumpkin on top. 

You can see all of this in the video. 

I am so happy that I made this for my home decor!

See you on the next post. 

Hugs, Shelly

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  1. How pretty! I love that you gave a solution to how to get the lids to remain upright. I've read several tutorials on how to make these and I wondered about that, but your video gave a great explanation. Your display is lovely.

  2. Love it! I've always wanted to make one.

  3. Shelly,
    Your mason jar lid wreath is so festive and wonderful! Of course, I love the bling and the smell of the cinnamon sticks is a great addition.

    We loved your idea so much we decided to feature it in Share It Sunday this week!
    Michele @ Our Rosey Life


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