Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Weekly Meal Plan, a Tip, and Grocery Haul - Video Included

I had to do a quick grocery haul today and plan some meals for the week. 

I was trying to get my groceries that I bought last Monday to last for two weeks, but we ran out of some things we needed. 

I normally like to get groceries on Friday and so I am planning a bigger grocery haul then. 

In the meantime, I needed a couple of quick meals to cook for the week until Friday. 

My meal plan tip for this week is to have some recipes that are your "tried and true."

What do I mean by "tried and true?"

These are recipes that you know by heart. They don't fail you. You can make them anytime and your family will eat it and love you for it. 

These are the kind of recipes that I go to for a week like this week where I don't want to plan a full meal plan, but I still want to cook and serve good food to my family. 

My Crock Pot Cheesy Chicken is a tried and true recipe for me. 

Another one is Crock Pot Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork. I will be filming this recipe and sharing it tomorrow. 

Here is my video sharing this tip and my grocery haul. 

Do you have any "tried and true" recipes that you and your family loves?

Please share so that I can give them a try. 

Thanks for looking and subscribe for future posts. 

Hugs, Shelly

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