Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekly Meal Plan, Tips and Tricks, and Grocery Haul - Video Included

Hi there! It's time to share another week of meal plans and my grocery haul. 

Before we get started, I have a What's for Dinner Video uploaded to my Shelly's Home Life YouTube channel if you would like to see what my dinner's looked like last week. 

I also share what we ate at our State Fair of Texas visit. 

Now on to the meal plan:
Monday - Spaghetti with Meatballs, French bread, Salad
Tuesday - Shredded Taco Chicken and a Rice and Bean Bake
Wednesday - Leftover Taco Chicken
Thursday - Breaded Fish Fillet and a Three Cheese Zucchini Gratin Casserole
Friday - Eat Out or Leftovers

My Tips and Tricks for the week:

Be Realistic!

Be realistic about your schedule, your budget, and just how much you like or don't like to cook. 

When planning this week's meal, I knew that Monday night was busy, so I needed a quick meal, hence spaghetti and meatballs. 

Wednesday night Emily has a cross country meet after school, so I wanted to have leftovers available that would be easy and fast to re-heat. Shredded taco chicken is perfect because it makes enough for us to eat a couple of nights. 

When making your meal plan and grocery list, be realistic and plan accordingly.  If you know that one or two nights you are going to pick up food or eat out, don't plan meals to cook, buy the food, and then waste it because you ended up eating out. 

The other tip I have is to make a running grocery list each week and engage the whole family when adding to the list. 

I keep a magnetized note pad on the side of my refrigerator with a pen. 

During the week, if we are running low on an item or run out, I will add it to the list. 

My husband and daughter also do the same thing. If they use up the last of something or run out of a product that they only use, they write it on the list for me. 

When I get ready to plan my meals and make my list, I tear off the paper and add what I need for the meals to whatever is already on the list. 

This saves me time and by already having on the list what we need, I make one trip to the store for the week. 

I share all of this plus my grocery haul on the video below. 

I also finally signed up for the WalMart savings catcher program. (not sponsored, just giving you my opinion)

You can go sign up online, get the app on your phone, or look at the bottom of your WalMart receipt. 

I signed up last week and between my big grocery haul last week plus a small haul during the week for our pumpkins, etc, I racked up $14.93 that came off of my grocery bill today. 

If you get the app on your phone, you can scan your Walmart receipt as soon as you leave the store. 

 It will show you how many stores in your area that it will compare prices with and it takes up to 3 days for them to get back with you.

They will send you an email with the stores and prices that they found cheaper and give you the difference back in an eGift card. 

You can then print it out or have the checker scan your phone app and the savings amount will subtract from your bill. 

I wish that I would have signed up for this as soon as it came out. 

I used the almost $15 in savings to buy some new fall makeup. 

Love this feature. Thank you Walmart!

Thank you all for reading this post. 

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Hug, Shelly

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