Sunday, November 9, 2014

Pantry Tour and Video - How I Organize my Pantry

Hi there! I want to share my pantry tour video and how I organize it with you all. 

I had some YouTube subscribers request a pantry tour, so here you go!!

Here are some pictures of my pantry. 

 I tried to take pictures of each section so I will do my best to tell you what is in each section. 

I designed my pantry to be functional.  When I am meal planning and making my grocery list, it is so easy to look in my pantry and see what I am missing for recipes/meals. 

I have everything in categories that make sense for me and my family. 

This is in the pantry looking at the back of the door. This is an over the door spice rack system from Container Store. It can be found here.  This holds my sandwich bags, foil, saran wrap, etc. The bottom basket has house paint in mason jars that I use when I need to make paint touch-up's around the house. 

This is my spice rack that is on the wall behind the door.   

On this shelf I keep box/snack foods. The two baskets on the far end have packaged chips and crackers for Emily's school lunches.  I use the two aerobic steps to help me reach things on the top shelves and cabinets in the kitchen. 

This shelf holds coffee and tea products. The baskets with handles can be found here.  I use these to hold my rice products. 

This shelf holds several turntables/lazy susans that can be found here

I use these to categorize my tomato products, beans, soups, canned veggies, and other jar/canned type foods. 

This self holds baking products, packaged sugar, powdered sugar, chocolate chips in mason jars, another turntable with oils and vinegars. 

This top shelf holds extra mason jars and baskets. The baskets hold lunch kits, paper plates, plastic silverware, etc. The basket on the very end has a picnic blanket and plastic table cover in it. We have a cooler sitting on top that is easy to grab and use for quick picnics, etc. 

On the bottom of my pantry, I keep my recycle bin, trash can, baskets that hold cloth grocery bags, plastic bags and the two bins on the left hold cat and dog food. 

This shelf holds household products such as my trash can liners, wipes, Lysol, and my dusting/Swiffer supplies. 

These two baskets hold snack/grab and go type products.  

The basket on the right has nut products, pretzels, fruit strips, etc. 

The basket on the left is for Emily and has her favorite quick snack foods. 

These shelves hold oatmeal, condiments (peanut butter, syrups, ketchup, honey and nutella), chicken broth and my flour, sugar, and brown sugar products. 

Our cereal boxes are on the very top shelf.  

This basket holds our pasta supplies (various noodles and marinara/Alfredo sauce).  

Next to that is bread products. 

This shelf holds our chip products.

This self holds our popcorn products, paper plates, and my recipe boxes and meal planning binder. 

This top shelf holds my extra paper towels and cake and pie to go holders, a punch bowl, cake and cupcake stand. 

Well, that is my pantry tour.  I hope that you will watch the video for the full details about how I store and organize my food and how it helps me when it's time to meal plan and make my grocery list. 

Thank you so much for visiting today and I hope that you will subscribe for future posts. 

Hugs, Shelly

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  1. Aw man, those lazy susans are such a great idea! I would've never thought of that.
    So organized and so pretty.
    Thanks for linking up to Talented Tuesday Link Party!

    -Kristina @


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