Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Drawer Organization for my Kitchen and Bathroom

This week I worked on reorganizing some kitchen and bathroom drawers and wanted to share it with you today. 

I made a video showing you everything that I bought and what is in each drawer if you want to see everything in detail. 

I headed to Walmart first and bought some drawer organizers. 

I found these either in the office supply, kitchen, or closet/travel sections of Walmart. 

I have two drawers in my kitchen that needed cleaning out and reorganizing. 

The drawer on the right is the junk drawer or catch all drawer. 

The drawer on the left had kitchen utensils that are large and just needed better organizing. 

Here is everything that I cleaned out of the infamous "kitchen junk drawer" that needs to be put back in the drawer using my newly purchased organizers. 

Here is the after for the junk drawer. 

Much better!

I used two containers, one divided and one large rectangle container. 

Here is the drawer on the left that holds larger kitchen utensils. 

I used four different sized containers and it worked out perfectly.

Let's move onto my master bathroom. 

I have one drawer in my bathroom vanity and it is shallow and small. 

I need to get everything that is on the counter back into the drawer. 

Here is the after. 

I used one of the larger acrylic divided trays and two gray smaller containers. 

It works and makes me happy that this it is organized and looks neater!

For the remaining drawer organizers that I purchased, I placed them in my Ikea Alex drawers in my master closet. 

I am reorganizing my jewelry and makeup collection so these organizers and drawers will be used for that project. 

I will share that project once it is completed. 

There is one more thing that I want to share with you.

I found these pretty glass jars from Hobby Lobby. I placed them on an antique mirror tray that sits on our bathroom vanity. 

The two on each side hold Q-Tips and Round Cotton Pads. These are items we use everyday, but I love how pretty they look in these glass drawers versus being stuffed in a drawer or medicine cabinet. 

For the big jar in the middle, I thought it would be pretty to add my current favorite seasonal nail polishes for some added color to my vanity. 

I plan on changing the colors for each season. 

So much fun!

I hope you are inspired to reorganize some drawers in your home!

Thank you for reading this post. 

I hope that you will subscribe for future posts. 

Hugs, Shelly

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