Friday, February 20, 2015

Product Review - Fine Line Applicators - Perfect for Paper Crafters and Artists!

Today I have a product review for the Fine Line Applicators, both fine and standard tip. 

This is not a sponsored post. I purchased these with my own money. All opinions are my own. 

If you do crafts and use glue, then you might be interested in these glue containers. 

Especially if your glue likes to get clogged like mine does. 

Does this look familiar to you? Unclogging your glue with a paperclip or straight pin?

These are my current glues that I like to use on scrapbooking and crafting projects. 

They are all great glues, except for the fact that they all clog. 

If you are tired of the clogging, then you will be interested in these Fine Line Applicators. 

I bought these glue applicators at my local Hobby Lobby.  They are located in the paint/car model section of Hobby Lobby. They are $4.99 each. Don't forget that you can use a 40% off coupon for one item either by printing the coupon online at Hobby Lobby or get the Hobby Lobby app on your cell phone. 

You can also find them here and here at Amazon. (not an affiliate link)

The fine tip is a 20 gauge tip and the standard is a 18 gauge tip. 

As you can see from the label, these glue containers are re-useable, air tight, non-clogging, and they have a cap/wire closure. 

Per the Fineline website, these applicators are stainless steel applicators that use FL air-tight non-clogging cap wire closure system to insure that the applicator and your preferred glue medium are always ready for immediate use.  

Did you read that?.....Ready for immediate use. There is nothing worse than trying to finish a project and having to fight with your clogged glue bottle and then having a big blog come out all over your project once you do get it unclogged. 

To use, you remove the lid and add in your favorite glue. 

Place your lid back on the bottle and you are ready to go. 

This is the cap/wire closure. This is my favorite part of these containers. 

No more using paper clips or straight pins to unclog your glue. 

The cap/wire system helps to eliminate the clogging and provides an air tight closure. 

The other great thing about these containers is they are perfect for gluing on smaller chipboard, letters, Thickers, titles, etc on your scrapbook or Project Life pages. 

Here is a look at how thin the glue comes out of both containers. 

I had these extra die cuts in my stash, so I will show you the glue on the colored side for a better visual. 

Here is the fine tip. 

It is perfect for these intricate, small die cuts.

Here is the standard tip.

It comes out just a little bit thicker and is perfect for a larger die cut or paper, picture, etc on your layout. 

Here are both tips on this one die cut. 

Both sizes work great. 

I went ahead and purchased both sizes to have on hand. 

I highly recommend these glue applicators for your crafty needs. 

You also can add other mediums to these applicators such as acrylic paint. The tip is perfect for outlining , doodling, or writing on mixed media projects, layouts, etc. 

Here are some videos showing these applicators in use if you would like to watch. 

I hope you find this review helpful. 

Let me know if you use these applicators and for what kind of projects. 

Thanks for checking out this post. I hope you will subscribe for more. 

Hugs, Shelly

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