Monday, September 14, 2015

New Recipe Binders/Organization and A New Meal Planner Too!

Hi there, I have been working on my recipe organization for the past few weeks. 
I am ready to share what I came up with and I also have a new meal planner to share too. 

If you would like to see me flip through the recipe binders and meal plan binder, come watch the YouTube video below. 

These days, I find new recipes to try via blogs, websites, and Pinterest, I have been printing out all of the new recipes that I want to try, however they were piling up and I had no where to store them.

If I wanted to keep the recipe, I started writing them down on recipe cards......that quickly got old. 

I can print faster than I can write!! Plus I love making notes on these print-out's of what I tweaked for the recipe. 

I bought some binders and sheet protectors and got busy designing recipe binders.

The pink binders came from Office Depot and the sheet protectors below came from Amazon. 

If you know me, then you know that I had to use my scrapbooking supplies for these binders. 

 I found these fun cut files in the Silhouette online store. 

I cut them out on 8.5x11 cardstock. 

I used the negative image and covered the backside of the cut with patterned scrapbook paper. 

They slid perfectly into the front pocket and turned out so colorful and cute!

If you don't have a die cutting machine, you could use free kitchen printables that are online or create your own printable in PicMonkey or Photoshop. 

I used my trusty label maker and created my labels. 

I used a tabbed divider file from the Silhouette online store and sized it to fit my binder. 

To cut the dividers, I used some older scrapbook paper that I had in my stash called Kitch by Girls' Paperie. 

I just started putting my printed recipes in the sheet protectors and placing them in the correct divider. 

I only place recipes in the binder that I have cooked and that I know have been approved by my family. 

I don't want to fill these up with recipes that I have never made or don't even know if we like. 

I hope this method will keep these binders organized. 

I also still wanted to keep some of my written recipe cards. To store these cards in the binder, I created custom sheet protectors using the We R Memory Keepers Fuse tool. 

It was my first time using this new tool and it worked perfectly. 

I was able to use the 8.5x11 sheet protectors for the cards. I cut the protector down to 6 x 11. I fused the sides close. I then fused a pocket closed for the top card, creating a 4x6 pocket.  For the bottom recipe card, I cut a slit in the protector to be able to add in the card on the bottom, creating another 4x6 pocket. It left me with a small space in the middle of the protector and I am ok with that. 

I love that I was able to create a custom pocket and add in my recipe cards.

I wanted to keep special recipes and some cards that were written from family members. 

For the side view finders, I created a text box in Word and typed up the categories that are included in the binders. 

For my meal planner, I found the cute planner below in the Carrie Elle shop. 

I had seen a couple of YouTubers show how they were using the planner below, and I knew that I wanted to try it too. 

You can see more of the planner on the video or visit Carrie on her website. 

You can pick from several styles and colors too!

(FYI - Carrie is currently sold out. She is in the process of creating new designs for the planners and they should be available around October 1, 2015)

I am hoping these new recipe binders and meal planner help me stay organized. 

I am excited about this new level of organization for me and my home. 

I thank you so much for reading this post. 

Hugs, Shelly

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  1. This is brill.

    I've watched your video on youtube & it's great.

    I'm going to make some sleeves for 6 x 4 pix & also other sizes with the fuse tool, a brilliant invention.

    I hope you make some more videos on this:)


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