Saturday, January 16, 2016

My 2016 Foxy Fix Traveler's Notebook and Inserts Plus a Journal Layout

For 2016, I will be using a Traveler's Notebook for various crafty projects. 

I purchased my traveler's notebook from Foxy Fix. 

It is the Wanderlust notebook in the color Espresso and the size is Wide. I chose the mint colored elastic. 

I added on the camera charm from this Etsy seller

For my inserts, I chose four notebooks from May Designs

This is a holiday design that I am hoping to use for monthly prompt journals such as Listersgottalist and photo a day challenges. 

This quote notebook reads "whatever you can do or dream, Begin it. Boldness has genius, power + magic in it."

I hope to use this notebook for art journaling/brush script/quotes. 

This pretty pink watercolor buds will be my journal for daily writing, reflections, notes, articles, etc. 

My last notebook is the Emily Ley Happy Stripe and I will be using this for my 2016 Ali Edward's One Little Word journal. 

I printed this quote from Pinterest and added it to the front of my journal notebook using some printed washi tape. 

For my first entry into my journal, I created this layout using a weight loss article from the Jan/Feb 2016 Shape magazine. 

I pulled product from my stash that included letter stickers, washi tape, rub-on's, stickers, roller date stamp, ink, and my Tim Holtz stapler. 

The article is called "The 10 Rules of Weight Loss That Lasts"

It really resonated with me and my One Little Word for the year. 

My word is "Change" and part of the focus with this word is my weight loss and health goals. 

This is the left side of the layout. 

I cut out my favorite part of the article and stuck it down with washi tape. 

I also used some rub-on's and a "do your best" sticker. 

This is the right side of the layout. 

For this side, I used some letter stickers, a couple of 3x4 project life cards, washi tape, and rub-on's. 

I added on my One Little Word, "change" using the letter stickers. 

I hand wrote the other elements of the article that I enjoyed reading and wanted to document for future reference. 

I enjoyed putting this layout together. 

I really wanted to keep this article and the main points of focus without having to keep the entire magazine. 

I hope to continue to share my Traveler's Notebook layouts on the blog for 2016. 

Please let me know if you use a Traveler's Notebook. I would love to see how you use your notebook too!

Thanks for looking and visiting my page. 

Hugs, Shelly

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  1. This has given me some ideas on how to use one of these notebooks. Thanks for posting. Enjoy your videos also, Chris.


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