Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Spring Easter Decor - Block Shapes and a Pom Pom Banner

I have some simple, but pretty spring Easter decor to share with you today. 

I found these cute wooden shapes from Michael's for Easter. 

I also picked up the yarn since it was on sale. The color is called Holland, #142821. 

The scrapbook paper is from my stash and it is called Happy Go Lucky by Pebbles. 

Here are the tools that I pulled from my stash. 

I used some white acrylic paint, Decou-Page, a couple of sponge brushes, a pencil, and some scissors. I also used my glue gun (not shown).

I totally forgot to take process pictures, but for the wooden shapes I just traced the shapes onto my scrapbook paper. I cut the shape out and then used the Decou-Page to glue it down onto the wooden shape.

I then painted the sides with the white acrylic paint. 

If you have any paper that overhangs the shape, just use your scissors, craft knife, or a file to take it off. I like to sand the sides of the shape with a file and then outline the shape with some white acrylic paint.  I think it gives the look that the paper is meant to be on the shape, versus that "glued on" look. I hope that makes sense! I also put a coat of Decou-Page on top of the paper to seal it. 

Next, I took the yarn and made pom pom's. These are so much fun to make. 

If you need a tutorial, you can see how to make these on this video. 

Once I used up the entire roll of yarn making pom pom's, I pulled out my jute to make a pom pom banner. 

I just hot glued on the pom pom's about every 5 inches or so on the jute. Leave as much room as you need on each end for hanging the banner. 

The leftover pom pom's will be cute in a bowl as spring decor. 

I had one little pom pom that was the last piece of the yarn, so I hot glued it onto the bunny as a tail. 

I created these easy, but cute Easter decor pieces in one evening. 

I plan on using them on my spring mantel, so stay tuned for that post soon. 

Thank you for looking and visiting my blog. 

Hugs, Shelly

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  1. Adorable Easter decoration stuff! Loved these bunnies a lot. Our son’s first birthday is coming so would like to make these crafts for his birthday. Also looking for affordable outdoor party venues in Chicago to host the party.


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