Thursday, June 16, 2016

How To Refurbish Your Patio Cushions for Under $20!

One of our summer home projects was to refurbish our patio cushions. 

We watched some YouTube Videos and read some blog posts on what other people used to refurbish their patio cushions. 

We settled on this Dupli-Color flexible finish paint in the color Burgandy that we purchased from Auto Zone. It costs $8.00 a can and we used two cans. 

Here is a look at the before of the cushions. 

We brought the the cushions to the garage. 

We vacuumed them, wiped them off with a damp towel, and then used some packing tape to remove the dog hair. 

Andy put on his mask and got to work spraying each cushion. 

Use light and even strokes, just like you would if you were spray painting a project. 

We placed the cushions on the driveway to dry. 

This product dried quickly. 

We used two coats on each cushion. 

Here is the after!! 

We are so pleased with how well the cushions turned out. 

The faded parts are gone and there are no streaks. 

Here is a look at the cushions in full sun. 

We filmed the entire process. You can watch how we refurbished our patio cushions on the video below. 

Thank you so much for looking. 

Hugs, Shelly

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